Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Virgin Radio first to offer 3G broadcast

GSM Listening to Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio is about to be the first radio station to offer services over 3G phones:

UK broadcaster Virgin Radio says it will become the first station in the world to offer radio via 3G mobiles.

The radio station, in partnership with technology firm Sydus, will broadcast on selected 2G and high-speed 3G networks.

Later this year listeners will be able to download software from the Virgin website which enables the service.

While this is undoubtedly very cool, it is also bloody expensive at the time of writing. I for one can't wait till someone introduces a flat fee 3G subscription so I can listen to non commercial internet radio stations (like Bassdrive) everywhere I go.

Services like these are what will make GSMs iPod killers in the future.


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