Sunday, March 06, 2005

Spyware Gets More Bloated By The Day


Now those sons of bitches are just going too far:

The last few days, reports had come back to me at my workplace that someone, somewhere was downloading gigabytes of data onto their PCs. In fact, not just one person - lots of them. Somewhat bemused, I began to investigate and promptly turned up nothing - no network scans picked up anything untoward, no digging through the proxy log revealed anything and all we could do was assume a pirate-film king had started up his own little enterprise on our servers.

The truth is actually far worse.

A little cross-security guy networking later, and it turns out that halfway across the globe, one Eric L Howes was puzzling over a machine slowly dying a death whilst sifting through some ads served by Imagine his surprise when he discovered he was 65MB of space down on his PC.

65Mb of Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 was downloaded and installed without asking permission, or even indicating that such a download was underway.

And that's in addition to the wonderful deluge of malware and served adverts that came with it.

65 MB ?!? .NET? At least in the good old days virusses were efficient. This just shows laziness and stupidity on the part of the programmer, like no ones going to notice a 65MB install.....

Something has to be done about this. Something fast. These people must suffer for what they do. Heck, they should be punished just for using that piece of garbage Microsoft calls .NET. I propose whippings on public squares. Who's with me?


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