Monday, March 14, 2005

Old Portable Phones Worth Big Bucks

Old Mobile Phone

If you have an old portable phone collecting dust, don't throw it away, as they're now fetching big bucks:

Yuppies are getting their revenge with the "brick" mobile phones of the 80s becoming collectable investments.

These huge fledgling mobiles may be impractical but a wave of nostalgia for those bygone days of red braces is helping values rocket.

Until recently, the earliest models were treated as useless relics, but well-preserved phones now fetch £100 or more and experts predict prices will soar much higher. Olly Tagg, 34, of Colsterworth in Lincolnshire, is an avid collector. Married to teacher Gudrun, 35, with daughters Inga, eight, and Orla, five, he runs a phone recycling company, CMR and online store Retrofone.

He explains: "A few years ago, you would be laughed at for owning an ancient mobile as it was considered nothing more than worthless junk.

"However, now that the mobile phone has become established as a key tool in our modern lives, their unique place in history is being re-assessed. Of course, the old bricks also look pretty cool."

The grand-daddy mobile is the Motorola Dynatec 8000x launched in 1983. It looked more like a doorstep than a brick and boasted a one-hour talk time, all for £1,200 new.


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