Thursday, March 17, 2005

High Tech Bank Robbery Foiled


The BBC reports that the biggest robbery attempt to date has been foiled and someone has been arrested in Israel. Excerpt:

Police in London say they have foiled one of the biggest robbery attempts seen in Britain.

The plan was to steal £220m (($423m) from the London offices of the Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui.

Computer experts are believed to have tried to transfer the money electronically after hacking into the bank's systems.

A man has been arrested by police in Israel after the plot was uncovered by the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit.

Unit members worked closely with Israeli police.

The investigation was started last October after it was discovered that computer hackers had gained access to Sumitomo Mitsui bank's computer system in London.

They managed to infiltrate the system with keylogging software that would have enabled them to track every button pressed on computer keyboards.

Tsk tsk. Looks like someone's been opening emails they shouldn't have...


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