Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thunderbird 2.0 Roadmap

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Looks like Mozilla has released the roadmap for Thunderbird 2.0. An excerpt:

1.1 Goals

  • Inline spell checking (spell as you type)
  • Improved spell check engine. Update our version of myspell to the current version used by Open
  • Deleting attachments from e-mail
  • Auto Save As Draft
  • Phishing Detector: Thunderbird will attempt to detect email scams, warning users before they visit possible Phishing sites
  • Improved RSS Support including new subscriptions UI, OPML import, and podcasting
  • Software Auto Update
  • Options dialog re-organization based on the work being done for Firefox 1.1
  • Improved integration with anti-virus applications for POP3 users
  • Improved UI for managing SMTP servers

2.0 Goals

  • Working closely with the Lightning Project which adds calendar support to Thunderbird.
  • Trying to solve the information overload problem by looking into two things: Support for tabs (for folders and e-mail) and mail navigation history.
  • Most of the 2.0 goals that are not scheduled for 1.1 are still under discussion....

Looks like there's some cool stuff coming. I can't wait.


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