Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Study concurs that Italian men are a bunch of mommas boys

Italian man

According to the BBC as study has shown that more and more grown men stay living with their mothers well into their 30s. Excerpt:

An ever-increasing number of Italians are living with their parents until well into their 30s, a study says.

The proportion of Italians aged between 30 and 34 still living at home has doubled to well over a quarter, a recent government report concludes.

Sons linger even longer than daughters, the government says, with 36.5% of men aged 30 to 34 remaining at home, compared to just 18.1% of women.

The new figures are part of an annual report by research centre Eurispes.

For more info on why check out the article. Thirtyfour and still living with your mum. Must be difficult with the ladies...


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