Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Online Gaming Addiction Becoming A Problem


Well, what we all saw coming is becoming reality. Now the BBC has an article about people who have gaming......Isues..... Excerpt:

"I can't talk to him while he is playing. There is absolutely no point as he doesn't hear me or is so distracted that I get a 'ummm... ya' a few minutes after I ask him a question."

"Gaming widows" has become a comedic term for women who have been shut out by male gamers. But for some it is not in the least funny.

Another correspondent wrote: "I believe that he is addicted to the online gaming, and that is the cause of his depression and restlessness."

And some of them are even sadder: "Today our son was five days old. "The sad truth is my husband spent 11 hours today playing his Warcraft game. He did not interact with our sweet tiny baby because there were important quests waiting online."

While I definatley agree that some people have problems, I also see the point in online games. It's easy to point the fingers, but when you look at the way a lot of people live, it's worse. Think about it, isn't it better to have some fun and excitment then sit in front of the boob tube doing nothing all night?


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