Friday, February 25, 2005

Looks like we were all conned by LokiTorrent


Some guy has posted a story on how lokitorrent was probably NOT shut down by the MPAA and that the owner just took the lawsuit donation money and ran. He makes some good points.

For those of you who have been living on the moon these past couple of months, the owner of Lokitorrent asked for donation money for a so called lawsuit against the MPAA. He got at least $30.000 from said donations.

A few weeks ago the site was shut down by the "MPAA". Evidence points that there is a good possibility that lokitorrent man faked the MPAA shut down and just split with the money. Excerpt:

At the end of December 2004, the RIAA and MPAA began an international rampage in efforts to close down major bit torrent and ed2k file sharing sites.

Some sites like,,, and others went down without a fight while other sites, including ShareConnector and Releases4U were closed down by authorities.

The lawsuits set off a wide spread of panic and dismay within the p2p community as many of the veteran ed2k and torrent contributing societys soon found themselves "homeless" and their works "confisquated" by investigative authorities.

During the turmoil, one such MPAA targeted Bit Torrent site claimed it was willing to stand up against the evil powers of motion picture media thugs by fighting the legal issues in a court of law. began accepting donations from the p2p community to support what they called "necessary legal fee's".

According to a - January 3, 2005 ( promoted people to donate to Loki Torrent), within two weeks (5 days public) of announcing their fund raising campaign, Loki Torrents was only $710.00 dollars away from reaching their initial goal. At the time of writing's initial article, Loki Torrent claimed to have raised an impressive $29,290.00 from the p2p community.

Today, just weeks after the initial interview with Edward Webber, owner of, the entire p2p file share community is back in turmoil.


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