Sunday, February 13, 2005

Criticism on Microsoft's Anit Openness Policy

Bill gates and pie

Just came across an opionion piece on The Register that debunks Bill Gates comments last week that Microsoft ranks interoperability as very important. Exerpt:

So, Mr. Gates, writes Hakon Lie, you say you believe in interoperability. Then why, pray tell, doesn't the web page of your interoperability communiqué conform to the HTML4 standard as it claims to? Why does the W3C validator diagnose 126 errors on your page?

You say you believe in interoperability. Then why is your document served in different versions to different browsers? Why does your server sniff out the Opera browser and send it different style sheets from the ones you send to Microsoft's own Internet Explorer (WinIE)? As a result, Opera renders the page differently.

You say you believe in interoperability. Why does the Hotmail service deny Opera access to the same scripts as Microsoft's own browser? As a result, Opera users can't delete junk mail.

Tsk tsk, why don't they just adhere to standards and get it over with once and for all. Even they must bow to the pressure one day.


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