Friday, February 18, 2005

Amiga 600 as Car MP3 Player

Amiga 600

Some dude has modded an Amiga 600 for use as a Car MP3 Player!. Excerpt:

Computer: Amiga 600 (nearly an Amiga 500), 7 MHz, 6 MB Ram, a 24 x notebook cdrom-drive, 4 GB harddisk (YES, only seven MHz, it's more than enough if you don't use Windows...!!! And ok, 1 MB Ram would be more than enough, but you know, more is nicer! :-)

This is really sweet use of old hardware. I can't believe that a computer that's now almost 20 years old can do something so cool. a 386 can't even play MP3s properly, and an Amiga 600 is almost twice it's age!


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