Monday, January 17, 2005

Use Skype with your normal phone

Aciontec Internet Phone

Yup, looks like someone has finally created a box to hook your phone up to your computer so you can use it with Skype. Excerpt:

Put the telephone back in Internet telephony! The Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard combines the best of both worlds – the ease and convenience of your regular phone and the zero cost of Internet calls. Until now, you had to sit in front of your computer and wear uncomfortable headsets to make Internet calls. Or you had to choose between completely separate user experiences between using a regular phone or Internet phone. The Internet Phone Wizard with Skype makes all of these problems a thing of the past. Simply connect your computer to the Internet, pick up your phone,and begin dialing as you’ve always done - without any worry of a huge phone bill. The Internet Phone Wizard with Skype makes it easy and fun to call any Skype user in the world for free, and everyone else at low SkypeOut rates.

Wow, to quote Will Smith: "I gotta get me one of these".


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