Saturday, January 22, 2005

Phrack will soon be no more

Phrack cover

Looks like Phrack is about to kick the bucket. The next issue will also be the last one. This for me is VERY sad news. One of the first things I did when I got an internet connection was download and print the latest issue. An excerpt from the site:

Phrackstaff is pleased to bring you _our_ LAST EVER CALL FOR PAPERS for the FINAL RELEASE of PHRACK.

We are preparing for a hardcover and ezine release at a major hacker convention near you!

We ask everyone to submit a paper. Great care will be taken to ensure that only the best articles make it into PHRACK FINAL. As usual, papers can be on any topic related to the following:

- hacking
- phreaking
- spying
- carding
- cybernetics
- radio
- electronics
- forensics
- reverse engineering
- cryptography
- anarchy
- conspiracy
- world news

Since 1985, PHRACK MAGAZINE has been providing the hacker community with information on operating systems, network technologies and telephony, as well as relaying features of interest for the international computer underground. PHRACK MAGAZINE is made available to the public, as often as possible, free of charge.

PHRACK STAFF <--- preparing for hex2005

Especially seeing how dumbed down the technical content of most sites/zines has become it WILL be missed. Now we only have articles catered to clueless newbies and script kiddies. This truly spells the death of the golden hacker age. Phrack, you WILL be missed :-(


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