Friday, January 07, 2005

FMKit Home FM Broadcast Transmitter

FMKit Home FM Broadcast Transmitter has written a review of a 100 miliwatt transmitter meant for home use. With this thing you can transmit whatever's on your PC all around the block. Quite cool I must say. An excerpt:

The unit is made by FMKit and sold on eBay. It was shipped via priority mail and arrived very quickly. It's specified as having an output of over 300 miliwatts, which would put it outside of Part 15 regulations in the U.S. Not wanting to get in a hassle with the FCC that could lose me my ham license, I used a menu setting to turn it down to 100 mW.

It broadcasts in stereo or mono. Selecting mono will turn off the 19 KHz stereo pilot and increase the range a bit. Frequency, power level, audio input levels, AGC, and stereo pilot level can all be set via memu, and there are 4 stored frequencies.


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