Thursday, January 20, 2005

Duchovny says yes to new X Files movie


The Sun has an interesting interview with David Duchovny where they talk about all sorts of things X Files related, including the movie. According to him it will definately be made. Better yet, there will be a whole series of movies, Star Trek style. An excerpt:

THE truth is still out there - and X Files agents Mulder and Scully are on their way back to discover it.

In an exclusive interview David Duchovny, who played Fox Mulder in the cult sci-fi TV series for eight years, told us he and the show’s creator Chris Carter are planning on making a sequel to their 1998 movie.

The 44-year-old said: "It’s always been my desire to turn The X Files into a film franchise.

"We’re hoping to get together just under a year from now and make another X Files movie.

"Chris is working on the script right now with Frank Spotnitz, who was one of the writers on the show.

"Gillian Anderson who played Dana Scully hasn’t signed yet, but we’d need to have her on board.

"When I’ve talked to Chris about the film, we’ve both said we want to start filming in winter 2005 and bring it out in the summer of 2006."

Wow. I so hope he's right. I can't wait for a new movie. The rest of the interview is also interesting BTW, well worth a read.


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