Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You break it, you pay for it

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Naomi Klein writes an interesting overview on how Iraq it getting royally screwed over by Bush and chums. An excerpt:

S o it turns out Pottery Barn doesn't even have a rule that says, "You break it, you own it." According to a company spokesperson, "in the rare instance that something is broken in the store, it's written off as a loss." Yet the nonexistent policy of a store selling $80 corkscrews continues to wield more influence in the United States than the Geneva Conventions and the US Army's Law of Land Warfare combined. As Bob Woodward has noted, Colin Powell invoked "the Pottery Barn rule" before the invasion, while John Kerry pledged his allegiance to it during the first presidential debate. And the imaginary rule is still the favored blunt instrument with which to whack anyone who dares to suggest that the time has come to withdraw troops from Iraq: Sure the war is a disaster, the argument goes, but we can't stop now--you break it, you own it.

It really gets to me how foreign workers are getting massive paychecks to do jobs that iraqis are more than qualified to do. Pay an iraqi $5000 a month for driving a truck and he can feed his whole neighbourhood!

Just shows once again that the vile and corrupt powers that be are in this for one reason, and one reason only (hint: it isn't love or goodwill to all men).....


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