Saturday, December 04, 2004

Oh Golden Boy


Today I watched goldenboy. If you've never heard of it, here's a synopsis:

Kintaro Oe... A 25 years old guy who left college early. He specializes himself now in day-dreaming, part-time jobs and, of course, pretty girls. He roams the land on his trusty pink bicycle, living his life in a happy way.

The story of each volume is about the same. Kintaro finds a job somewhere. His boss is most of the time a beautiful woman that has no respect for him, especially when he starts to make silly stuff. The boss finds him pretty stupid, and after some time, fires him. But there's always a little event at the end that makes the girl who hated Kintaro fall in love with him. But it's too late, because Kintaro is already gone on his bicycle, traveling again.

I must say it was a whole lot of laughs with typical japanese humor. Some scenes made me think of Leisure Suit Larry, but with a japanese twist (and better humor). Unfortunately there is only one season with 6 30 minute episodes.

All in all I definately had a few good laughs and can't wait for a next season. A well earned 4/5.


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