Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Brunei full of peeping toms

Peeping Tom reports:

Brunei Travellers Beware Of Hidden Cameras In Hotel
By Rosli Abidin Yahya

Sarawak - Local travellers have advised prospective holidaymakers going to
Sarawak not to stay in budget hotels as "they may be secretly filmed by
hidden cameras in their rooms".

The finding that hidden cameras were installed in budget hotels in Sarawak
was made by the police there when they crippled a syndicate that sold
pornographic movies of hotel customers engaging in sexual intercourse.

The Borneo Post reported that police in Sarawak believed that some of the
locally-made VCDs were filmed by secret video cameras installed in some
budget hotel rooms in Sarawak without the knowledge of the hotel clients.

However, the police there said they have yet to identify the irresponsible
budget hotels.

Local travellers said unwitting victims from this country could also be
blackmailed by the syndicate though such case was not reported yet.

Anyone who might have been secretly filmed should contact the police in

Last Wednesday, the Sarawak police smashed a Kuching-based syndicate
believed to be behind the production and distribution of pornographic VCDs
in the state.

Four persons, including the ringleader were arrested and 1,100 pornographic
titles were seized.

Initial investigation showed that the syndicate not only distributed
foreign pornographic VCDs but also used hidden cameras to secretly film
guests having sex in budget hotels in Sarawak.

Yesterday, the Borneo Post reported that police have advised some 100
budget hotels in Sarawak to ensure that there are no hidden cameras in
their rooms.

Police said that budget hotels in Sarawak needed to beef up security in
order to maintain the state's tourism image. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

This just shows, you NEVER get something for nothing in this world.


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