Saturday, December 04, 2004

The antichrist still has a job

His wickedness himself

Well, it was to be expected. Everyone's favourite minister of defense Donnie Rumsfeld is to stay as defence chief:

Donald Rumsfeld has accepted a request from President George W Bush to stay on as US defense Secretary, a senior administration official has said.

Mr Rumsfeld was a proven leader in difficult times, the official said.

While this was to be expected it is still a sad day. I'm still grieving because his boss got re-elected, even though some apologies help the grief a little. Donnie, if there is any justice in this world, then I hope you eternally suffer for the misery you have brought on to others:

Surah 11:98

He will go before his people on the Day of Judgment, and lead them into the Fire (as cattle are led to water): But woeful indeed will be the place to which they are led!


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