Sunday, November 21, 2004

To Jimmy Woo or not to Jimmy Woo?

Inside Jimmy Woo

Just went to Jimmy Woo's with a cousin of mine. I must say it wasn't what I expected. The overal ambience was quite quite nice, and there weren't that many snobby people there.

Inside Jimmy Woo

The music was quite good, with a mix of soul, funk, disc, hip-hop and (I REALLY hate this) bubbling. The dancehall is in the basement, but because of the door policy isn't overly filled. You can do your thing and aren't bothered by other people. The ceiling of the dancehall has justin timberlake style lamps on the ceiling, which gives a nice effect. Upstairs (ground floor) is the lounge area. Nice lounge couches that don't smell, and drink prices are reasonable.

Inside Jimmy Woo

The women there were O.K. Most were alright, some were pretty & some were (inevitebly) not. Although, being Jimmy Woo's, the fashion left something to be desired. An example of this are the horrid snow shoes that seem to be all the fashion these days. Just hideous.

Inside Jimmy Woo

Anyway, while it's very muched hyped Jimmy Woo's is still a decent night out, as long as you know someone on the guest list. A well deserved 4/5.


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